Abridged Retirement Proposals
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The following is a list of abridged retirement proposals from the Foundation Heritage Collection. Retiring A-Class personnel are permitted to submit a proposal documenting an anomaly of personal significance to one's career, or the Foundation's history. They are to adhere to the following format.

+++++ Dr. [name]'s Proposal: [title]



SUMMARY: [Brief Description]

SIGNIFICANCE: [Why it was proposed]

If you are a retiring member of A-Class personnel, you may append your submission to the end of this document. Abridged proposals should not exceed 250 words and should contain only text.
Dr. Quantum's Proposal: The Timer



SUMMARY: SCP-QNTM is an anomalous egg timer of unknown origin. When SCP-QNTM is set to a given time (up to a maximum of 60 minutes), the entropy state of the universe is reversed by that duration. This effect is not experienced by SCP-QNTM or its user (designated SCP-QNTM-A); from the perspective of SCP-QNTM-A, time is reversed according to the duration set. This entails that, for the duration set, SCP-QNTM-A will co-exist with the past version of themself (designated SCP-QNTM-B), and can meaningfully affect the sequence of events leading to SCP-QNTM's activation. After activation, SCP-QNTM will tick down as a non-anomalous timer would; however, upon reaching zero, SCP-QNTM-A ceases to exist.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-QNTM is the first known temporal anomaly acquired by the Foundation, and was instrumental in Dr. Quantum's career.

Dr. Swann's Proposal: The Database



SUMMARY: SCP-SWNN is the designation for the SCiPnet database framework. SCP-SWNN depends on a variety of anomalous technologies to maintain and present documentation as effectively as possible; namely, SCiPnet reorganizes interrelated documents using a pataphysics-based predictive algorithm. This causes documentation to be presented in a more narratively-appealing format, reducing the likelihood that personnel will miss important information due to lack of interest.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-SWNN is considered Dr. Swann's seminal work, and is regularly essential to Foundation operations.

Dir. Clef's Proposal: The Garden



SUMMARY: SCP-EDEN is an extradimensional location that features a garden of variable size and topology. If one is surrounded by fire such that they are unable to safely escape (e,g, trapped in a burning building), SCP-EDEN can be accessed by walking through the fire with one's eyes closed, so long as the success of the procedure is not doubted at the point which the fire is crossed. SCP-EDEN's spatial dimensionality is always exactly one greater than the number of living humans which occupy it; this entails that, as SCP-EDEN is concurrently entered by greater numbers of people, more of the garden becomes accessible, but the entire space becomes less readily-navigable.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-EDEN prompted the development of several revolutionary technologies for the exploration and mapping of hyper- and hypo-dimensional spaces, and contains several artifacts which have assisted in the development of further technologies.

Dr. Brennan's Proposal: God's Blind Spot


OBJECT CLASS: Neutralized (formerly Safe)

SUMMARY: SCP-SPKB was an anomalous phenomenon affecting an Orthodox-Christian Church (designated SCP-SPKB-A) centered in Άνο Βέρβανα, a rural village located in the mountain ranges of northern Greece. For a period of several decades, SCP-SPKB caused any form of worship or spiritual practice within SCP-SPKB-A to be anomalously unfulfilling, causing gradual increases in tension and unrest within the community. SCP-SPKB was eventually Neutralized through the development and use of spiritual channeling technologies.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-SPKB catalyzed the discovery of Akiva radiation, as well as the formation of the Department of Tactical Theology.

Dr. Ghipo's Proposal: A Good Computer



SUMMARY: SCP-GDBY is the ERZATZ Type AK9 Computational Engine: an advanced digital computer system designed to suggest initial containment procedures for incoming anomalies. SCP-GDBY is utilized primarily by the Processing Division to detect correlations between existing and newly-acquired anomalies, often suggesting unexpectedly-effective containment procedures for generic anomalies.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-GDBY was developed in 1955 in response to the exponential growth of Foundation operations, to which it is now essential. Its algorithm suggests effective containment procedures for over 75% of all incoming anomalies.

Dir. Lily's Proposal: The Sacrifice



SUMMARY: SCP-FLWR describes a phenomenon in which, when a person in a perceived position of power, significance, or influence is cremated and buried alongside specific and complex arrangements of flora, the land surrounding the burial site becomes anomalously fertile. This land becomes capable of supporting crop yield up to 1400% the baseline average, even in otherwise infertile areas (including desert, concrete, et cetera).

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-FLWR established one of the first in-house anomalous agriculture practices, which was instrumental in establishing self-sustainability early on in the Foundation's history. Director Lily's funeral was carried out as specified in her will, resulting in the creation of the Ultra-high-yield Cultivation Zone. She was posthumously awarded the Foundation Star in Exemplary Service.

Drs. T. G. and Aktus' Proposal: The Broken Engine


OBJECT CLASS: Safe (formerly Keter)

SUMMARY: SCP-BRKN is a collection of anomalous components of a standard automobile engine. When one or more components are separated for more than five minutes, the segment of SCP-BRKN currently possessing the most mass will levitate above the ground (as if it were within a functioning vehicle) before approaching the locations of any unclaimed components. This will cause damage to any materials between or surrounding SCP-BRKN, commensurate to the damage that would be caused by a moderately-sized vehicle.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-BRKN's containment challenges prompted the construction of Site-15 and several revolutionary electro-mechanical containment mechanisms. Site-15 now contains more than 300 electronic and digital anomalies using methods initially devised by Drs. T. G. and Aktus.

Dr. Pickman's Proposal: Storytellers



SUMMARY: Observations throughout Nexus-18 (Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin) of actions of individuals and events apparently conforming to narrative and folkloric tropes and archetypes, including the manifestation of urban legends, heightened activity around times of celebration, and an apparent degree of sentience within the Nexus itself, responding to certain trigger phrases (i.e. "What could possibly go wrong?") with appropriate consequences.

SIGNIFICANCE: Isaiah H. Pickman (1978-2017 (Presumed KIA) was an archivist at Site-87 in Nexus Zone-18, whose cataloging of anomalies within Nexus-18 led to the formulation of this theory by Sinclair, Bailey et. al in early 2018. From this, containment efforts within Nexus-18 have grown over 70% more effective, due to new countermeasures and containment tactics being devised using SCP-SPWI as a jumping-off point.

This proposal is made in memorial to Dr. Pickman by his colleagues; his last will and testament stated that "If anything I ever did led to something new being discovered, give it a new object class, just to fuck with the filing system". "Archon" is synonymous with "Thaumiel" in this case.

Dr. Roget Sr.'s Proposal: Project Keter



SUMMARY: SCP-RGT is a Foundation Site, designated Site-Keter, responsible for the containment of most Keter-class objects within Foundation custody. Said Site uses multiple Keter-class objects to contain other ones, in the process creating a 'Thaumiel-Keter-Paradox' scenario, in which almost uncontainable objects are contained by the merit of being uncontained.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-RGT was fundamental in the development of new containment options for Keter-class objects. Prior to the creation of Site-Keter, all such objects were contained separately within Foundation sites; following the construction of said Site however, the need for containment of such anomalies has been minimalized to finding a 'containment counterpart' to such, virtually ending for example the need to actively seek elimination methods for SCP-682. Due to this phenomenon, Foundation resources had been made more available for other projects, not-related to the costly containment procedures of said objects.

SCP-RGT was originally proposed by Dr. Roget following a mass-containment breach in Site-02 occurring, which resulted in the 'Keter-self-containment paradox' event occurring; following this event, multiple in-depth tests have been conducted, which lead to the creation of plans to create Site-Keter.

Dr. Roget Jr.'s Proposal: The Projectile


OBJECT CLASS: Neutralized (formerly Eparch)

SUMMARY: SCP-RGT-II was the projectile that murdered the US president John F. Kennedy. SCP-RGT-II had the anomalous ability of invoking paranoia in all individuals who witnessed the event (live or otherwise); its main purpose was to stir up such feelings within the USA as a way to overall weaken the country.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-RGT-II led to the discovery of multiple groups aware of the Foundation's existence operating within the Russian and American governments, additionally uncovering the main administrators of GoI-1109 ("Parawatch") a few decades after. Moreover, testing SCP-RGT-II's anomalous properties allowed Dr. Roget Jr. to develop more efficient amnestics and other anomalous chemical substances used by the Foundation.

Dr. Mackenzie’s Proposal: The Legacy



SUMMARY: SCP-ADMN is a diary originating from a prior iteration of existence. The diary itself belongs to an individual who would later be known as “The Administrator”. The diary documents much of The Administrator’s final moments in his world as his reality comes to an end via an infestation only described as an “entropic force”. The exact details pertaining to the nature of The Administrator and their home universe are unclear as much of the pages have been torn from it. The final page describes a solution designed for omnidimensional travel through realities which only The Administrator has utilized once to materialize himself within our own iteration of existence.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-ADMN is known for being the first ever introduction of the individual known as “The Administrator” as well as his introduction to our mainline reality. This proposal is notable for being one of Dr. Mackenzie’s final works before disappearing under questionable circumstances.

Dr. Argent's Proposal: The Unit


OBJECT CLASS: Non-Anomalous

SUMMARY: SCP-WJSP is a unit of measurement created by Dr. Argent to measure the degree of an object's anomalous properties. Using SCP-WJSP, containment specialists can accurately measure the threat an object or entity poses to normalcy and society at large.

SIGNIFICANCE: Utilization of SCP-WJSP is required on all anomalous objects upon their acquisition by the Foundation, and serves as the basis for all decisions pertaining to the Object Class, Threat Level, and Disruption Class of newly-acquired SCPs.

Dr. Locke's Proposal: Crack of Dawn



SUMMARY: SCP-WDB was the designation given to the Sun after, during a worldwide famine, the Sun's rays temporarily gained an anomalous effect for approximately 59 days. During this time, organic material exposed to sunlight would undergo several alterations, the most obvious of which was an increased healing factor. Plant life (especially produce) had significantly higher growth rates during this time. Fertility rates were also drastically increased, with human pregnancies only lasting an average of 20-30 days.

SIGNIFICANCE: While Foundation efforts have all but erased anomalous events created by SCP-WDB from the global conciousness, knowledge of these events has proven immensely useful for morale among personnel, especially those who display nihilistic or solitary tendencies.

Dr. Tufton's Proposal: The Children‘s Origin


OBJECT CLASS: Neutralized (formerly Safe)

SUMMARY: SCP-KING is "The Three Laws of The Scarlet King", a 1787 religious and philosophical book written by Thomas Bruce. It describes violent anti-modernist ideas suggesting societal reversion to a more pre-enlightenment- and survival-based life by worshipping and summoning an entity called "The Scarlet King". It formerly had a cognitohazardous effect that had a high-chance to compel readers to support and believe the philosophy behind it, as well as its religious material, regardless of previous ideologies. The anomalous quality of the book was lost after the SCP-6140 reality-shift.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-KING provides a great amount of information about the formerly existing "Children of the Scarlet King" cult’s history and their beliefs, both in the book‘s text and it‘s background. Dr. Tufton‘s research revealed that Thomas published SCP-KING a year before SCP-140 released to ensure the creation of a religious group themed around Thomas‘ invented myth, since the Chronicles of the Daevas book made few mentions of this fantasized religion.

Researcher Calvin's Proposal: The Noise



SUMMARY: SCP-NASG is a levitating sphere, with a surface resembling TV static, inside of a cave in Iraq. If a physically written narrative is immersed into it, it will telepathically transfer information to nearby humans, constituting professional advice on how to improve the story. Of note, SCP-NASG mistakes certain texts as narratives, such as clinical documents.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-NASG's critical suggestions on SCP document formats were the inspiration and basis for how future documents would be organized and introduced by SCP-SWNN. Its observations are regularly noted when updates to the database algorithm are developed.

Dr. Dayle’s Proposal:The Pit



SUMMARY: SCP-GRAVE is a pit measuring 5.5 meters or radius and 8.45 meters of depth. SCP-GRAVE is composed of an anomalous material, of unknown composition, that has the capability to lower, while in their vicinity, the Hume levels of various Type-Green entities.

SIGNIFICANCE: By analyzing the material of which SCP-GRAVE is composed of, this has led to its eventual replication and brought to the creation of SRAs by the hand of Dr. Robert Scranton, giving advantage to the SCP Foundation toward various ontokinetic entities.

Dr. Scantron’s Proposal: Graduation Day



SUMMARY: SCP-SCR is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs when an individual with skills that could be useful to the Foundation graduates high school. Memories will be implanted in their head of them being a Foundation Level One researcher and they will attempt to being work.

SIGNIFICANCE: SCP-SCR leads to approximately 200 new Foundation employees being hired each year and analysis of it was instrumental in studying memetics and the nature of memories. Dr. Scantron was able to isolate the memetic effects of high school into a single image that causes those who look at it to become a Foundation employee.

Dr. North’s Proposal: The Toybox



SUMMARY: SCP-WNDR is a box that contains a seemingly infinite space, inside of which are a countless variety of toys. The box is able to read the mind of the individual who opens the box, dispensing the type of toys that would give maximum enjoyment to its user.

SIGNIFICANCE: Dr. North successfully lobbied for the item to be regularly used on stressed employees, this being one of the first cases of an anomalous item being regularly used for the benefit of Foundation employees.

Dr. Wrong’s Proposal: The Agreement



SUMMARY: SCP-CNSNS is a room in the Headquarters of the United Nations that when a group of individuals meet there, will start to discuss wars that did not occur in baseline reality. All affected individuals will begin to negotiate treaties to stop said wars and once leaving the room, will forget about what has occurred. All political decisions made inside SCP-CNSNS seem to have an effect on the next instance of its activation. There are no records of SCP-CNSNS's construction

SIGNIFICANCE: Dr. Wrong used this anomaly as proof that CK-Class Reality Restructuring Scenarios could happen, provoking an entire field of study based around them.

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