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by DrClefDrClef 29 Jan 2014
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by DrClefDrClef 5 Feb 2014

"Tending hard Flat, intensity around one hundred kilocaspers… hue Sapphire, Tight weave," Spider reported. "Not sure if this is because of the sheer number of dead people around here, or what caused it. Just to be safe, I recommend we all keep buttoned up. Just in case this thing turns out to be cognito or memetic."

by minminminmin 13 Apr 2016

Should aspect radiation levels exceed a level of 1.0 kilocaspers within SCP-2696 or its immediate perimeter, all personnel are to be evacuated from the exclusion zone and MTF Theta-77 is to be placed on high alert.

by S D LockeS D Locke 21 Jul 2016


by MegalomaniacInchwormMegalomaniacInchworm 16 Jun 2017

Fester: We went through the slum where the PTE had been seen. Standard recon- VERITAS imaging with a stealthed drone. We found something. EVE was dark, fluctuating fast, high-magnitude output- several kiloCaspers, at least.

大怪獣決戦テイル 第一部
by seafield13seafield13 18 Aug 2017


大怪獣決戦テイル 第三部
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by Lt FlopsLt Flops 6 Jun 2018

In December 1995, the newly christened, and if I might add, unfortunately named “Outpost Thoth-1” performed a series of observations on lunar sites to record thaumic radiation levels. They discovered the Moon had a baseline EVE intensity registering at 141 000 caspers — greater than anywhere on Earth.

KTE-7883-Velveteen-Grey — "ウシャブティの蘇生者"
by RevenantHeimdall does not match any existing user name 4 Mar 2019
translated by FattyAcidFattyAcid 18 Jul 2021

石棺の近くには、強いアスペクト放射線を発する像がいくつか存在した。 1.1 キロキャスパー、トパーズ、シャープ、タイト。サンプルの採取を試みたが、不可能だった。

by FattyAcidFattyAcid 24 Feb 2020


by Dr_KasugaiDr_Kasugai 13 Mar 2020


by islandsmasterislandsmaster 28 Apr 2020

ST9999-Baker: 警報発令! 高レベルアスペクト放射、1000m以内、トパーズ-フラット! 背景放射強度は──馬鹿な、1.5メガキャスパーだと?

ST9999-Easy: 目標確認。体高80-100m、高エネルギー実体。外形特徴は凡そ人型二足歩行、肥大した肩部と2対4本の腕部。背景放射は14200キロキャスパーで安定。

by carbon13carbon13 12 Feb 2021


by stanusbekistanusbeki 6 Apr 2021

Aetheric Resonance Imaging has consistently shown no levels of Aspect Radiation above the accepted one hundred Casper background radiation baseline during these events.

KTE-2272-Hogweed-Van Allen-Viridi
by Luis GmLuis Gm 14 Feb 2021
translated by FattyAcidFattyAcid 7 Dec 2021

その採取中に、20 m離れた地点から、当該超脅威の繁殖の瞬間を検出することに成功した。VERITASスキャナーを用いて測定したアスペクト放射は、300 キャスパー、ルビー、シャープ、ルーズ。

"ラスト・レインフォール"作戦は当初、超脅威の除去に成功しました。しかし、粛清の過程で、KTE-2272の生育する地域から、3.8 キロキャスパー、レモン、シャープ、タイトのアスペクト放射が検出されました。

by daviiiddaviiid 1 Jun 2021

-B-59 emits a stable resting Elan-Vital Energy field of approximately 13000 Caspers.

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