SCP-4012 - An incredibly ancient waystation designed to speed individuals entering it towards God. It is staffed by grotesque entities who shepherd the entrant through a parody of their life. It has literally awe-inspiring memetic/perceptual effects on people who observe the interior. A sequel to SCP-3672, a Muppeteer who is taken by God directly to heaven, and a prequel to SCP-4753, a mysterious rock-like object that acts as a modern Ark of the Covenant.

Oh! Canada.


On Guard 43はカナダ、オンタリオ州のサイト-43を中心とするカノンです。当初は相互に関連するTaleとSCPの束でしたが、一度そこから離れた記事が書かれて以降 (後者のシリーズを踏まえてるかも)、より一般的な設定となりました。現在、On Guard 43には3つの異なる”シリーズ”が存在します。

On Guard 43 is a canon centred around Site-43 in Ontario, Canada. It began as one set of interlinked tales and SCPs, but has since branched out to become more of a general setting. There are now three distinct "series" being written in On Guard 43:

  • 力と毒の言葉は、HarryBlankHarryBlankが描くサイト-43と不倶戴天の古のミームを振るう敵の戦いの話です。
  • ヴィキャンダーニード・テクニカルメディアは、HarryBlankHarryBlankの描く恐ろしく、危険で、時にブラックユーモアを見せるミーム系メディア企業の道化じみた活動の記録です。
  • アーキティピカルズは、Placeholder McDPlaceholder McDが脚本した星間/物語空間の深淵からの冒険の呼び声に答えた非主流キャラクターたちのプレステージドラマです。

プレステージドラマ: 参照

  • Words of Power and Poison, HarryBlankHarryBlank's stories about Site-43's struggles against implacable, immemorial meme-wielding enemies;
  • Vikander-Kneed Technical Media, chronicling the antics of a terrifying, dangerous, and often darkly hilarious memetic media corporation created by Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin;
  • Archetypicals, Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD's prestige drama about secondary characters answering a call to adventure from deep in interstellar/narrative space.

このカノンで書いてみたいですか? 確立されたキャラクターを使う必要はありません — もちろんしてもいいですよ! 既存のストーリーラインに貢献しないといけないわけではありません — もちろんしても構いませんよ! (アーキティピカルズは除きます。あれは自己完結型のシリーズです) なんならサイト-43自体が出てこなくたっていいのです — もちろん書いてもいいですが — 次のタブに概説される要素を使ってさえいればそれでOK。

Want to write for this canon? You don't have to use the established characters — but you can! You don't have to contribute to existing storylines — but you can! (Except Archetypicals, that's self-contained.) You don't even need to write about Site-43 itself — though you can — as long as you're using some of the elements outlined in the next tab. You should think of this place as a set of storytelling tools. We've got a detailed, well-defined Site, a big ol' cast you can bend to your whims, and a generalized Canadian-ness that should satisfy your entirely inappropriate need to, say, create an actual Canadian branch.

This is a canon about real people in absurd situations. Click onward if that appeals to you at all.

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