SCP-4309 - Huddle with Us

6時間前に別の人が予約入れてた おしまいや

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アイテム番号: SCP-4309

Item #: SCP-4309

オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Object Class: Euclid

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-4309個体群は全て発見場所で収容するものとします。この地点は私有の住居に似せて改装し、人目につかないかたちでセキュリティ対策が取られます。地下室入口は標準鉄扉で封じられ、地下室に元からある窓は鉄製のシャッターで塞がれます。

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-4309 instances are to be contained at their original location of discovery, which is to be restored so as to resemble a private residence with inconspicuous security measures. The basement entrance is to be secured by a standard steel door, with the basement's original windows being sealed by steel shutters.


All SCP-4309 instances are to be kept under video surveillance at all times, with any atypical behavior being reported to the current project head immediately.

説明: SCP-4309は計42体の同一の人間の死体の総称です。当初、これらの死体はニューハンプシャー州、█████████から北東6kmの放棄されたコテージの地下室に存在する4m×4m×4mの立方型の穴の底で発見されました。各個体は頭髪が無く、痩せており、泥炭地でミイラ化した遺体に似た強固かつ黒化した皮膚を有します。各遺体は第一次・第二次性徴の双方が見られず、各自の口と瞼は縫い合わされています。

Description: SCP-4309 is a collection of 42 identical human corpses, originally discovered at the bottom of a 4m by 4m by 4m cubic pit located in the basement of an abandoned cottage 6 kilometers northeast of █████████, New Hampshire. Each instance is hairless and emaciated, possessing tough, blackened skin similar to that of bodies that have undergone peat bog mummification. The bodies lack both primary and secondary sexual characteristics, and have each had their mouths and eyelids sewn shut.


When human observers are present, SCP-4309 will relocate and reposition themselves whenever line-of-sight is broken, typically into a dramatic tableau. SCP-4309 movement is visible on video recording and transmission devices, however, instances do not engage in this behavior when left unobserved, and will instead most frequently cluster together and remain motionless until an in-person observer appears. All instances of SCP-4309 appear docile, and have not initiated attacks on Foundation staff since their discovery. See SCP-4309 Test #5.


Notable positions taken by SCP-4309 include:

  • 足を組んで床に座り、本を読む真似をしている個体の周囲を半円状に囲む
  • Sitting cross-legged in a semi-circle on the floor around an instance miming reading a book
  • 乱闘
  • A violent brawl
  • 穴の端に立って壁を引っ掻く
  • Standing around the perimeter of their pit whilst clawing at the walls
  • 退屈、不満、落胆といった様々な状態で一列に並ぶ
  • Standing in a queue in various states of boredom, frustration, and despondency
  • 隅に身構えるように身を寄せる個体に対し指を指して非難する
  • Pointing accusatory fingers at an instance huddled defensively in a corner
  • 穴の床面を掘ろうとする
  • Attempting to dig through the floor of their pit
  • 跪いて嘆願するようなポーズを取る
  • Groveling on their knees and similar positions suggestive of begging and pleading
  • 胎児のポーズ
  • Fetal positions
  • 祈りと瞑想
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • 籤引き
  • Casting lots
  • 様々な形態の運動、および/または肉体労働
  • Various forms of exercise and/or physical labour
  • 横田わった個体に緊急医療を試みる
  • Attempting emergency medical care on a recumbent instance
  • 苦悶の表情を浮かべて自らの口、目、耳、胸、股間に爪を立てる
  • Clawing at their mouths, eyes, ears, chests, and groins in apparent agony
  • 穴の端に一体の個体が座り込み、周囲の研究員を見上げる
  • A single instance sitting on the edge of the pit, its head cocked at the attending researchers

回収: SCP-4309は財団のフィールド工作員によって、ニューイングランドの荒野に『生ける死体レヴェナントの集団墓地』があるという都市伝説の調査の末に発見されました。回収時、SCP-4309のあったコテージは酷く荒れた状態にあり、どの地方自治体の記録にも掲載されていませんでした。特筆すべき点として、地下室の扉には変色した銀製のプラカードがあり、『SCP財団 怪奇部門』と記載されていました。このため、地方司令部はこの土地を要注意領域として接収し、現地でSCP-4309を収容する判断を下しました。

Recovery: Foundation field operatives discovered SCP-4309 after investigating urban legends about a 'mass grave of revenants' in the New England wilderness. At the time of recovery, SCP-4309's cottage was in a severe state of disrepair and did not appear on any municipal records. Of note is a tarnished silver placard on the basement door which reads "SCP Foundation Department of Abnormalities". For this reason, Regional Command made the decision to acquire the property as a Location of Interest and contain SCP-4309 on site.


SCP-4309 were initially found grouped together in a single pile, but as soon as line-of-sight was broken formed a standing 6 by 7 grid, all looking upwards. If removed from their original pit, instances of SCP-4309 will attempt to return as soon as they are unobserved. This has complicated research into SCP-4309, however, the following tests have been successfully completed:

SCP-4309実験#: 1

説明: SCP-4309の全個体を遺伝子検査する。

結果: SCP-4309は遺伝的に同一かつ、人間であることが判明した。唯一異常である点として、各個体が45本しか染色体を有しておらず、2番目のXまたはY染色体が欠落していた。

SCP-4309 Test #: 1
Description: Genetic testing of all SCP-4309 instances.
Results: SCP-4309 were found to be genetically identical and human, the only abnormality being each instance only possesses 45 chromosomes, with the second X or Y chromosome being absent.

SCP-4309実験#: 2

説明: 光学CTスキャナを用い、全SCP-4309個体の内部イメージングを行う。

結果: 性器の欠如を除いて、SCP-4309は解剖学的に変わった点は見られなかった。特筆すべき点として、全個体が解剖学的に100%同一だった。

SCP-4309 Test #: 2
Description: Internal imaging of all SCP-4309 instances using a Spectral CT Scanner.
Results: Other than a lack of reproductive organs, SCP-4309 are anatomically unremarkable. Of note is that all instances are 100% anatomically identical to one another.

SCP-4309実験#: 3

説明: 外科的処置により、SCP-4309個体 (SCP-4309-1) の内部組織に手を加えようと試みた。

結果: 最初の切開が完了するとともに、SCP-4309-1は切開部分から硫化水素ガスを噴出し、手順の中止を余儀なくされた。SCP-4309-1は自ら穴に戻り、切開創は完治していた。他に注目すべき点として、手術中に他全てのSCP-4309個体が耳に手を当てていたことが記録されている。

SCP-4309 Test #: 3
Description: Surgery, in an attempt to alter the internal anatomy of an SCP-4309 instance (SCP-4309-1).
Results: Upon completion of the first incision, SCP-4309-1 began to emit hydrogen sulfide gas from the incision, requiring the procedure be aborted. SCP-4309-1 returned to the pit of its own accord, with the incision wound having fully healed. It should also be noted that during the surgery, all other SCP-4309 instances were recorded placing their hands over their ears.

SCP-4309実験#: 4

説明: SCP-4309個体 (SCP-4309-2) の口を切り開く。

結果: SCP-4309-2は継続的に19ヘルツの超低周波音の悲鳴を上げ、立ち会っていた職員らに不安感と軽微な幻覚を引き起こした。これは口を再度縫い合わせるまで続いた。他のSCP-4309個体群が両手で口を覆っていたことが記録されている。

SCP-4309 Test #: 4
Description: Cut open the mouth of an SCP-4309 instance (SCP-4309-2).
Results: SCP-4309-2 continuously produced a 19-hertz infrasonic scream, causing feelings of unease and mild hallucinations among attending staff, until its mouth was resewn. Remaining SCP-4309 instances were recorded covering their mouths with both hands.

SCP-4309実験#: 5

説明: SCP-4309個体 (SCP-4309-3) の瞼を切り開く。

結果: SCP-4309-3はメッツガー博士を見つめ、彼を麻痺させた。その後、メッツガー博士と目を合わせた他2名の職員が同様に麻痺を起こした。実験は即座に中止され、地下室からの退避と隔離が行われた。監視映像はメッツガー博士と助手2名が麻痺し続け、検出可能なライフサインが無いにもかかわらず立ち続けていることを示している。彼らはSCP-4309-Aに指定された。



SCP-4309 Test #: 5
Description: Cut open the eyelids of an SCP-4309 instance (SCP-4309-3).
Results: SCP-4309-3 locked eyes with Dr. Metzger, paralyzing him. Two additional staff members who then made eye contact with Dr. Metzger were also paralyzed. The test was immediately aborted and the basement evacuated and quarantined. Video surveillance shows that Dr. Metzger and his two attendants remain paralyzed, and remain standing despite a lack of detectable life signs. They have been designated SCP-4309-A.
After the basement was evacuated, SCP-4309-3 re-positioned itself so that it was seated by the doorway in a cross-legged pose suggestive of patient anticipation. Its eyes typically remain fixated on the basement door, with occasional glances at the surveillance camera. Remaining SCP-4309 instances were recorded covering their eyes the instant that SCP-4309-3's were opened.
To date, neither SCP-4309-3 or any other SCP-4309 instance has altered their pose.


Research into SCP-4309 has temporarily been suspended.

家が退屈かい? 居心地の良さにもううんざり? それならラルフズの裏手、空地の穴に来て僕らと一緒になろう。

Tired of your home? Sick of comfort? Come to the Hole in the Vacant Lot out back of the Ralph’s and huddle with Us.

僕らが何者かって? いい質問だ。
Who are we? Good question.

Come to the Hole in the Vacant Lot out back of the Ralph’s and huddle with Us.

なんで来てほしいのかって? どうしてこんな放送に金を払ったかだって? 混乱するのも無理はない。

Why do we want you to come? Why did we spend money for this airtime? We understand you are confused.


But: Hole, Vacant Lot, Ralph’s, huddle, Us.


For the low-low price. Act today. Or tomorrow. Not Wednesday. Wednesday is no good for Us.


Anyway, we’re almost out of airtime, so just come on down to the Hole in the Vacant Lot out back of the Ralph’s and huddle with Us.


Or else."


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