出典: SCP-4863
著者: NatVoltaicNatVoltaic
作成日(EN): 2012/04/12
SCP-4863 - Sol n
SCP-4863 - 第$n$の太陽
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タグ: en アド・アストラ 地球外 safe 衛星 scp 感覚 時空間 太陽 視覚
備考: Rev.11(2020/09/19)まで反映。

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Item #: SCP-4863

アイテム番号: SCP-4863

Object Class: Safe

オブジェクトクラス: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets are to operate within global space agencies to prevent the development of manned missions into heliocentric orbits lower than that of Mercury.

特別収容プロトコル: 財団諜報員は世界各国の宇宙機関内部で、水星より内側の太陽周回軌道における有人ミッションの立案を阻止するための活動を行います。

Description: SCP-4863 is a perceptual phenomenon experienced by human subjects in a 0.31 AU1 radius of the Sun. No forms of recording equipment, typical or paratechnological in nature, have been capable of observing the anomaly. Subjects describe it to be "a second Sun," following a heliocentric trajectory at an unclear distance from the solar system, completing an orbit once every 24 hours. The anomaly occupies an amount of space in the sky comparable to that of the Sun when viewed from the Earth's surface.

説明: SCP-4863は太陽の半径0.31 AU2圏内に位置する人間が体感する知覚現象です。使用されている技術の性質が超常的か否かを問わず、あらゆる記録装置はこれを観測できていません。曝露者はSCP-4863を「第二の太陽」であると形容し、太陽系から不明な距離だけ離れた太陽周回軌道を24 時間で1周する速度で周回していると説明します。アノマリーは空において、地球の表面から太陽を視認した際のものと概ね同等の広さのスペースを占めています。

Despite the aforementioned observational issues, subjects still perceive equipment in their vicinity as recording data on the anomaly. According to it, SCP-4863 possesses the spectra of an A-type white star, with a luminosity comparable to that of normal solar radiation. Details on distance are only described as "farther than us." No other information can be discerned; subjects state that the data is "too bright to see."


Upon exiting the 0.31 AU radius, all perceptual phenomena cease.

半径0.31 AU圏内を離れると、全ての知覚現象は終結します。


補遺 I:

On 12/06/2024, the Foundation Extrasolar Activities Division conducted an experiment using a ship recently outfitted with a Lang Distortion Drive.3 The ship, the Semiautonomous Exploration Vessel Messier-002, was positioned within the radii required to view SCP-4863 and was aimed at an angle towards the anomaly's direction. The ship then accelerated to superluminal velocities and exited the solar system.


The Drive was disengaged after two hours of superluminal transit. The crew of Messier-002 reported themselves to be in orbit around a massive stellar object, hereafter designated as SCP-4863-A.


SCP-4863-A is a supergiant A-type white star with a radius of 1,436 R.5 From an orbital perspective around the object, the solar system is seen to be in its own orbit around the star, located at a distance of 14.5 ly6 and completing a full rotation about its axis once every 24 hours. The time to complete a full orbit is estimated to be on the order of millions of years. No perceptual phenomena are known to affect the object.

SCP-4863-Aは半径1,436 R7のA型白色超巨星です。オブジェクトを周回する軌道からの視点では、太陽系は14.5 ly8だけ離れた位置で恒星を周回する軌道を描いており、24時間ごとにその軸について1周するように見受けられます。

How SCP-4863-A exists is unclear. The star is among the largest known stars, and is vastly larger than any A-type star discovered to date. How it is capable of maintaining stability despite its structure being unsuited for such an existence is not explained by any developed models of stellar evolution, presuming the star developed through a natural or semi-natural process. The nature of the spatiotemporal mechanisms connecting it to the solar system is equally uncertain.


Through a thorough astronomical study of the space surrounding SCP-4863-A, the anomaly is believed to be outside the bounds of the observable universe.9 The density of stars, galaxies, and larger cosmic structures is substantially lower and more diffuse, with little to no formation of superclusters or voids. Readings for anomalous particle emissions (tachyons, Ψ-waves, etc.) are lesser in magnitude as well. Until further studies can be conducted, it is presumed that SCP-4863-A is the single largest object in this region of the universe.


Aside from the solar system, no other objects are in orbit around the star.



補遺 II:

Researchers studying SCP-4863-A's surface behavior, distance of 6 ly, sent an alert to Divison outposts, reporting rapid emergence of anomalous phenomena. The phenomena was reported as visual in nature, witnessed when facing away from the star, and as holding an extremely high luminosity. Measurements identified it to be a Type-B blue white star.


On further elaboration, the phenomenon was said to be "a third Sun."


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