SCP-5115 - Out of this World/この世の外側
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アイテム番号: SCP-5115

オブジェクトクラス: Thaumiel

クリアランスレベル: 5115/5

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-5115に関する完全な情報はサイト-01のSOUL実存固定データベースに保管されます。プロジェクトHYPOSTAT-2へのアノマリーの応用が進行中です。

説明: SCP-5115は人為的に非実体化を引き起こす手法です。


  1. Placement of a sapient subject within a 4m2 square perimeter, etched into the ground with Planck-scale precision.知性ある対象を、プランク単位系で精密に地面に描かれた4m2四方の領域に配置します。
  2. Inscription of the subject's true name1 at the forwards boundary of the perimeter, relative to the subject's orientation.対象の幾何学的位置から見た領域の境界線前に、対象の本名を筆記します。
  3. Impacting the perimeter three times with a crowbar of standard construction.標準的構造のバールで以て、領域に3度衝撃を与えます。
  4. Placement of a computer terminal precisely 0.69914208m from the forwards boundary.境界線から正確に0.69914208mの位置にコンピュータ端末を配置します。
  5. Installation of [REDACTED — O5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED.] [編集済 — O5クリアランス要求]を搬入します。
  6. Erasure of the subject's notion of gravity, relative to themselves.2対象自身から見た、対象の重量の概念を消去します。
  7. Erasure of the subject's notion of solidity, relative to themselves.3対象自身から見た、対象の確実性を消去します。
  8. Erasure of the subject's notion of bodily trauma, relative to themselves.4対象自身から見た、対象の身体的外傷の概念を消去します。
  9. Manual operation of the computer terminal to [REDACTED — ADMINISTRATIVE CLEARANCE REQUIRED.]コンピュータ端末を手動で操作し*[編集済 — 管理者クリアランス要求]**
  10. Destruction of the computer terminal. Any means are deemed appropriate.コンピュータ端末を破壊します。

On completion of SCP-5115, subjects are rendered completely intangible to all surroundings, with their positions relative to the Earth's frame of reference. Movement and rotation can be performed through the cognition of said actions. Maximum obtainable velocity is limited, being based on what the subject views as within realistic movement speeds for themselves. Physical interaction can only be performed with other materials made intangible through SCP-5115.

As intangibility applies to contact with substances necessary for vital function, primarily atmospheric gas, human subjects tend to suffocate within five to seven minutes.

Addendum.5115.1: Project HYPOSTAT-1

Project HYPOSTAT-1 was an effort by the Foundation to overhaul the structure of Administrative Site-01.

The project started on 31/08/2███, beginning with a Foundation-wide alert to all Site Directors to operate under independent action protocols until central command is reinstated. Adminstrator O6.gaia5 was then, under unanimous O5 Council vote, shut down. The machine's central core was extracted and supplied to SCP-890-EX, who performed a successful dissection without damaging its internals. Following provided instructions, they extricated a sample of [REDACTED]. All 13 detected neural signatures within the sample matched expected profiles. As cognition is independent of [REDACTED]'s physical location, the central core was reinstalled and O6.gaia was reactivated.

Efforts switched to physically restructuring Administrative Site-01, relinking all faculties to direct O6.gaia control. Addition of new wiring and the removal of older control systems lasted until 02/12/2███.

Final restructuring commenced on 01/01/3███. At this point all unnecessary personnel were vacated from the facility.

Overwatch Command verified the completion of restructuring the following day.

On 03/01/3███, Overwatch Command performed SCP-5115 on [REDACTED]. O6.gaia, the O5 Council, and Administrative Site-01 were collectively rendered intangible.

The collective Site-01, henceforth Throne Site-01, is currently maneuvering through the upper terrestrial mantle on a course to the inner core. On arrival, Throne Site-01 will begin the mass monitoring of all regions of the planet and the surrounding extraterrestrial space, notifying Foundation sites on all anomalous phenomena observable on Earth.

Project HYPOSTAT-2 is being initiated as a means to attach additional structures to Throne Site-01; this includes but is not limited to mobile containment strongholds, global weapons systems, third eyes, and wings. The inclusion of defensive measures is considered unnecessary — Throne Site 01 cannot be damaged through any physical or metaphysical means. Protections against existential threats have already been secured.

Throne Site-01's operational expectancy is considered indefinite.


At 03:49 on 10/03/3███, during remote conference with the assembled Foundation Site Directors' Board, Throne Site-01, without prompting, began to question the anomalous sequences binding its components.
Particularly, Throne Site-01 claimed a disconnect existed between the metaphysical binding for the fused O5/O6.gaia and the performance of SCP-5115, which, by the usage of [REDACTED], should apply solely to O6.gaia, not the Council. It also believed that the steps taken with [DATA SEALED] implied that a failure of SCP-5115 to affect the Council must also, by metaphysical association, affect O6.gaia.
Contact with Throne Site-01 was immediately lost. Attempts were made to locate the facility through astral and pretercognitive means, but no traces of its presence could be found.
Currently, it is the working belief of Overwatch Command that the doubts experienced by Throne Site-01 connected to the [DATA SEALED]-included concept of subjective reality, converting any faults from being perceived to being factual. This triggered a complete metaphysical destabilization in the facility's structure. It is presumed that, at the moment contact was lost, the O5 Council, O6.gaia, and Site-01 disconnected from each other.
Owing to environmental conditions in the upper mantle, the whole of Throne Site-01 was then incinerated.
Project HYPOSTAT-2 has been postponed indefinitely.

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