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>> connect SIMULACRUM.MAIN -p -n 50021

> コマンドを受け取りました. 必要な認証プロトコルが完了するまでお待ちください.
> Command received. Please wait as the necessary authentication protocols are completed.

> …

> …

> 新しいユーザの確認に成功しました.
> New user has been successfully verified.

> 利用可能なSIMULACRUMデータベースから必要なコンテンツを取得中…
> Retrieving the necessary content from available SIMULACRUM databases…

> 自動文書の生成中…
> Generating automated document…


The SIMULACRUM Project emblem, formerly associated with the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division.

SIMULACRUM (シミュラクラム) プロジェクトにようこそ。

Welcome to the SIMULACRUM Project.


Regardless of your clearance, status, appearance, and/or previous history, we would like to extend our appreciation and thank you for your attendance — willingly or not.


Our world is continuously expanding and evolving; however, our organization remains stagnant. The intake of hundreds, if not thousands of anomalies has exhausted Foundation resources and manpower for decades. Again and again we attempt to circumvent the inevitable, but still fall short every time. With no clear solution in mind, the Foundation has simply turned its head and remained as a reactionary force — pretending that its overwhelming size and authority could simply tough through until the end.


But those methods are no longer effective.

今こそ、我々はありったけの資源を叩いてでも進化するときだ。SIMULACRUMプロジェクトは3つのコア目標: 効率、管理、拡大に力を入れている。現時点で我々は[13,650,045]名のユーザを預かっており、彼らはSIMULACRUMインフラストラクチャで現在ホストされている[362,458]個の環境に広がっている。

Now, it is our turn to evolve, using every resource at our disposal. The SIMULACRUM Project is dedicated to three core objectives: efficiency, control, and expansion. As of now, we are responsible for [13,650,045] users, spread across [362,458] environments currently hosted by the SIMULACRUM infrastructure.


By the end of 2100 this number is projected to reach well into the billions, encompassing most — if not, all — of the human population.


But there is still much work ahead of us before we can ever achieve that goal. Cyberspace has plenty of unique and dangerous wonders that we have yet to unravel. Many obstacles still stand in our path before the SIMULACRUM Project can be completed. Luckily, however, we have dedicated people like you. Those who are willing to fight through the tough battles and ensure that our vision can be seen to its absolute conclusion.


We are ecstatic to have you with us, and expect many great things — do not let us down.

> SIMULACRUMに関連する利用可能な全文書をまとめています. 暫しお持ちください…
> Compiling all available documents related to SIMULACRUM. One moment…


by JakdragonXJakdragonX, for the NIGHTMAREFEST (Unofficial)

You are aware and accept that your termination will be excruciatingly painful.

SCP-6864 - Belwood Staffing

by JakdragonXJakdragonX

Belwood Staffing would like to graciously offer you a position as a FULL-TIME employee, effective immediately!

SCP-7766 - New World Order

by JakdragonXJakdragonX, for the SCP-7000 Contest

You are here because there is a traitor within our ranks.

SCP-6872 - A Way Out

by RallistonRalliston and FishishFishish

Following its proper activation, SCP-6872 allows for the simultaneous transmission of a concept, memeplex, or thaumaturgic spell to every member of the Homo sapiens species.

SCP-7311 - Insecure Facility Dossier

by RounderhouseRounderhouse, for the ColdpostCon

> SCP-7311: yayyy *glomps you*

SCP-7313 - Simulated

by JakdragonXJakdragonX, for the ColdpostCon

SCP-7313 is an underground chamber located underneath the basement of an abandoned data center in Seattle, Washington, USA.

SCP-4523 - Absolute Efficiency

by JakdragonXJakdragonX

Workload has been increased.

The Holiday Special

by RallistonRalliston

"Problem is, I'm used to working with reality-simulating megaservers, not… Soviet technological singularities, man."

> 利用可能な文書は以上です.
> End of available documentation.

> SIMULACRUMに関する詳細記録にアクセス中…
> Accessing archives for further data related to SIMULACRUM

> …

> …

> データが見つかりました! 利用可能なコンテンツを表示中…
> Data found! Displaying available content…

また会いましたね! SIMULACRUMJakdragonXJakdragonX作成のユニバース/プロジェクトへようこそ。ここに来てくれて嬉しいですよ! このユニバースがどんなものか、どう機能するのかについては色々と質問があると思いますし、基本を説明いたしましょう。

Hello again! Welcome to SIMULACRUM, a universe/project created by JakdragonXJakdragonX. It's great that you're here! I'm sure you have several questions about both what this universe looks like and how it functions, so let's go through the basics.

核心であるSIMULACRUMは、先進的な超常技術と複雑なネットワーク・インフラストラクチャによってホストされている、財団運営シミュレーションの広大な相互接続ネットワークです。このシミュレーションや様々な形態を取ることができます: 我々の実世界のレプリカであったり、異なる物理法則のあるファンタジー世界であったり、全く別のカノンであったりね。SIMULACRUMのホストに要される技術はほとんどがサイト-119に集約されていますが、他のサイトで接続・使用できないわけではありません。

SIMULACRUM, at its very core, is an expansive, interconnected network of Foundation-operated simulations hosted through advanced paranormal technologies and complex network infrastructure. Said simulations can take a variety of different forms: whether acting as replicas of our physical world, a fantasy realm with alternate laws of physics, or even another canon. The technology necessary to host SIMULACRUM is predominantly centralized to Site-119, however that doesn't mean other Sites aren't capable of connecting and utilizing it.


  1. SIMULACRUMが完全に完成した暁には、人類を“非異常な”シミュレート世界へ移行させることによって、財団がヴェールを維持できるようにします。
  2. アノマリーを軽減するか緊急時に人類の認知を変更する場合のため、シミュレーション内で認知される現実の完全な制御ができるようにします。
  3. 新たなアノマリーの収容、アノマリーの開発・製造、ないしは新人財団職員のトレーニングといった他目的のための安全な隔離に使用できる新規サンドボックスを確立・制作します。

SIMULACRUM has three fundamental goals to the Foundation once it's fully complete:

  1. Providing them with the ability to maintain the Veil by migrating humanity into a "non-anomalous" simulated world(s), once SIMULACRUM is fully complete.
  2. Granting full control of reality as it's perceived within their simulations, either to mitigate anomalies or to alter humanity's perception in case of emergency.
  3. Establish and create new sandboxes that can be used to either contain new anomalies, develop and create anomalies, or safely isolate themselves for other purposes, such as training new Foundation personnel.


While these are certainly not the only things that SIMULACRUM encompasses, they are core to its overall themes of control, isolation, and expansion.

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