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Episode 4: No Clue, No Problem

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The gang search the city for a Way into the Wanderer's Library. Eustace "borrows" a Library Card. Troy is mistaken for a Jehovah's Witness. Lacy knows what cocaine smells like.


It's 1996, and the dream of the 90s is already dead in Three Portlands.


With the new millennium only a few years away, the Golden Age of Normalcy is over. The paratech industry is in shambles, paracrime is on the rise, and Bill Clinton is President. Nowhere are these things more apparent than in Three Portlands – its economy is in ruins, racketeers have overrun the Docks District, and the city council is paralyzed by nonpartisan infighting.


Frustrated by the inaction of the city government, Alderman Stephen McClure has resorted to extralegal methods of resolving the numerous crises that threaten the city. Working in secret to bypass the deadlocked City Council, he has assembled a ragtag group of misfits and meddlers to help fix Portlands. Operating without official backing or authority, they will have to contend with the multitude of corporations, cults, cabals, conspiracies, and cartels that all have their own agendas for the city.

But bad things happen to those who attempt to tame the Weird City. And the storm is just getting started.


Episode 1: The Alderman's Army

Listen to the episode here!

The gang are invited to a New Year's Eve party, where Stephen McClure asks for their help in forestalling an impending humanitarian disaster. Eustace does terrible things with a mouse. Troy punches a garbage bin. Lacy looks for quarters.

Episode 2: Plan C for Catapult

Listen to the episode here!

The gang investigate the Trolley Yards, where they meet the mysterious Cinnabar, who is not a raccoon. Eustace is recognized. Troy is overly optimistic. Lacy suggests a projectile solution.

Episode 3: The Portrait in the Attic

Listen to the episode here!

The gang go to Golemancy United to open negotiations with the guild's enforcer. Eustace bluffs a rock. Troy hears a confession. Lacy steals a shoe.

Episode 4: No Clue, No Problem

Listen to the episode here!

The gang search the city for a Way into the Wanderer's Library. Eustace "borrows" a Library Card. Troy is mistaken for a Jehovah's Witness. Lacy knows what cocaine smells like.

The Players

  • GreenWolfGreenWolf (Matt) as The Game Master — Long-time SCP Wiki author, veteran of several roleplaying campaigns, one of the founders of Third Law and the creator of Three Portlands, Matt has assumed the mantle of the Game Master for this misadventure. It's his job to write and run each scenario, make and manage all of the non-player characters, and prepare and produce the podcast episodes. Accepts tips and bribes.
  • TyGentlyTyGently ("Ty") as Eustace Rowe — A 106-year-old necromancer and technocrat, Eustace spent the better part of a century working with Prometheus Labs to sell magic's most forbidden secrets for the greater good (and a profit). Having just escaped Prometheus' sinking ship, Eustace seeks to mold Three Portlands to his will, years before the birth of his son and decades before he would become the city's most notorious hermit.
  • ch00bakkach00bakka ("choo") as Destroy-The-Cities-And-Dignities-Of-Man "Troy" Diaz — The product of a failed ritual to birth the Antichrist, Troy renounced his parents' Satanism for Unitarian Universalism in an act of teenage rebellion. Now he works as an exorcist-for-hire, specializing in those tricky edge cases that more limited faiths can't or won't deal with.
  • tawny0tawny0 (Tawny) as Lacy — A black lab who can shapeshift into human form, after a Deerie's science experiment gone horribly right. Lacy has become a headache for municipal authorities, both because of her tendency for mischief, and because most of the city's laws don't apply to dogs.

The Campaign

The Setting

Short Version: Three Portlands and the mid-90s

Long Version: Based in and on the continuity of the Third Law Canon, for the most part the game takes place in Three Portlands during 1996, a tumultous time in the city's history. The end of the Golden Age of Normalcy just a few years prior has devastated the global paratech industry and shattered the local economy, resulting in a massive rise in unemployment, homelessness, crime and poverty for the city's residents.

The System

Short Version: Fate 3.0

Long Version: The campaign primarily uses the mechanics of the Dresden Files RPG, which is itself an extension of the Fate 3.0 system. A few adjustments and tweaks have been made, such as the elimination of templates and the second guest star phase for character creation, using the physical stress track to power spellcasting instead of the mental stress track, and the addition of systems for psionics and reality bending. We're also using our own modified skill list, and a custom elements system for evocation.

The game itself is run over Discord, and Google Sheets is used for keeping track of character sheets. We use a dicebot for rolling, but if you absolutely must get the sound of cubes hitting the table, you can just roll four six-sided dice at home.

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