CIVILIAN DESIGNATION: <inexplicable error occurred>

POPULATION: <inexplicable error occurred>

AREA CLASS: <inexplicable error occurred>


ASSIGNED FACILITIES: <inexplicable error occurred>

DESCRIPTION: Nexus-7243 is a region of unclear nature occupying an absence of an absence of geographical location
Nexus-7243 is a region of physical space
Nexus-7243 appears to be a hypothesized region of physical space for which no meaningful data can be perceived
Nexus-7243 constitutes a lack of area in which existed the concept of a clock enfolding all succession in time
Nexus-7243 describes a localized phenomenon preventing the perception and communication of any attempted truth statement regarding its

"Nexus-7243" is a designation. This designation was created to reference a location
"Nexus-7243" was created to designate a vague absence of location; an everything into which no pattern can scream

This designation (hereafter AO-"NX-7243") was created to facilitate communication regarding its reference. However, AO-"NX-7243"'s intended usage is rendered impossible, as it is subject to an intense dissociative effect. Any attempt to propagate data regarding AO-"NX-7243"'s reference is targeted by the

This effect appears to permeate data regarding any location AO-"NX-7243" might reference
The effect is self-affecting
The effect cannot meaningfully be described

AO-"NX-7243"'s intended usage is inhibited by an effect. Said inhibition is not apparently caused by any of the following effects, in isolation:

  • lesser antimemetic effect (un-retainable)
  • greater antimemetic effect (incomprehensible)
  • semiontological hazard
  • cognitohazard
  • narrativohazard
  • localized micro-CK-Class "communicative retcon"
  • miscellaneous chronological shift
  • extra-Noöspherism
  • the 'Deletion effect'
  • ontokinesis

# note to self: review other dept analyses before publishing file

Due to the recent influx of highly deviant artificial intelligences, the role of digital subterfuge in the effect cannot be ruled out; supposing there is none, it would stand to reason that AO-"NX-7243"'s intended usage is inhibited at a fundamental informational level, possibly a macroscopic quantum phenomenon. This inhibition extends to any alternative designation which would share its item of reference with that of AO-"NX-72

In any case, the phenomenon propagates to any term whose intended function is uniquely and practically similar to that of AO-"NX-7243".

can't contain the set of all possible square pegs within the set of all possible round holes

# fuck it — this is either above or below my pay grade
# good luck figuring out which

Dr. E. Forkley
Director of Miscommunications


Journal entry for 2042/08/14, Dr. Dougall Deering.

I don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Nobody — not anybody — has lived with this subject longer than I have. Not even Reynders. Maybe I didn't invent the science. Maybe I didn't get a seven-decade crash course on the workings of the universe before I had to stick my oar in. But I'm the first person to attempt a solution, a real and lasting solution, to this problem. Everyone before me was just laying track, and that doesn't take much imagination. Me? I've been imagining what the terminal looks like for thirty years.

Maybe that's why I'm the only one who still remembers. Not the O5s with their mnestics, not Antimemetics, not even the damn Deepwells! Me. Only me. Because there's nothing to me except this problem. You can't separate us and have anything left over.

Or maybe I'm being punished again. In this world, that's reason enough.

But I don't care. I can handle punishment. I can handle all these small-minded idiots treating me like a fool. I've been ignored before. It's my talent. And while they're passing me by on their way from nowhere to nothing, I'll be working to the goal, just like always. Just like she would be, and maybe still is.

I'm pouring every waking moment into the black hole that swallowed everything I love, and here's what I hear rattling around down there in response:

Site-43 still exists.

And I'm going to get you out of there, Amelia.

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