Wonder World Dossier / ワンダー・ワールド調査資料
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ハロー! これを見ているということは、あなたは財団で扱う奇妙なものへの経験をそれ相応に積んだか、奇跡術について多少知識があるか、空間異常に詳しいか、あるいはアクタス管理官に嫌われているのでしょう。

Hello! If you're reading this, it is because you've got a certain level of experience with the weirder things the Foundation deals with, know a thing or two about thaumaturgy, are knowledgeable on spatial anomalies, or Director Aktus doesn't like you.

何にせよ、対”ワンダーテインメント博士”研究調査部門へようこそ! 以下の書類を読みこんでおいてくださいね。ここで対応する連中についてよく書かれています。特に試験はありませんけど、詳しいチームと働けるほうがいいですから。

Either way, welcome to the Dr. Wondertainment Research and Investigation Department! Please read through the following dossier, as it will teach you a lot about what you're in for. There is no quiz, but I do like having an informed team at my disposal.

それでは転勤おめでとう! 楽しんでね!
- エバーウッド博士

Enjoy your transfer!
- Dr. Everwood




要注意領域: ワンダー・ワールド (Wonder World)

Location of Interest: Wonder World

要注意団体番号: 386

Group of Interest Number: 386

通称: WW、”工房” (The Workshop)1、”ウォンカース” (Wonka's)23、”キディランド” (Kiddyland)45

AKAs: WW, "The Workshop"6, "Wonka's"7, "Kiddyland"8


Threat Level: Orange

担当部隊: 機動部隊アルファ-98 ”フォーカス・テスターズ” (Focus Testers)

Assigned Task Force: MTF Alpha-98 "Focus Testers"

Location Description: Wonder World is a vast spatial anomaly containing a city of the same name (Wonder World!™9), various industrial parks, research facilities, housing developments, schools, a university, and the headquarters of Dr. Wondertainment.

Though the demographics of Wonder World are largely unknown, the current population is estimated at around 15,000 (c. 2014). Various testimonies, as well as evidence from captured subjects, suggest the anomalous properties of the area alter the appearance of its human residents over time. A baseline human will, over the course of their life, experience minor changes such as the pigment of the hair, skin, or eyes into non-natural colors, amplification in the size of the eyes, etc. These alterations appear to amplify over generations and will become more extreme, including mutations such as the growth of additional limbs, elongation of the neck, prehensile tails, etc.

The culture of Wonder World revolves around the concept of "Wondermaking", the belief that one's goal in life is to seek fulfillment in 'making the world a Wonderful place.' Though its calendar system overlaps with major commercial holidays (Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, etc.), and displays many similarities to the Gregorian system, the Wonder Calendar observes years in Wonder Years. The founding of the Dr. Wondertainment company is considered year 0 in this system.

Typical education curriculums involve the history of the Wondertainment brand and its lines of products, Economics10, Marketing, Anart History, Thaumaturgy, Thaumatology, Psionics, Craftsmanship, and Studies of the Mundane. Though most citizens complete several years of internships and work studies before being hired by the Dr. Wondertainment Company, employment is not compulsory.

The Foundation has been aware of the existence of Wonder World since 1935 but were not able to reliably investigate the location until 2006.

Connected Persons of Interest:

  • Dr. Wondertainment (PoI-386-Prime): There is no definitive Dr. Wondertainment. An inheritor is nominated by the prior title holder and is then approved by the Dr. Wondertainment Company's board of directors. The current title holder is believed to be a Wonder World citizen by the name of 'Holly Light.' Motives are currently unknown.
  • Chester Williams (PoI-386-001): (Presumed deceased) Original patent-holder for Dr. Wondertainment, filed in 1929. Opened a toy shop under the name of 'Dr. Wondertainment's World of Whimsy' in Boston, Massachusetts. Suspected to be the first holder of the Dr. Wondertainment title. Disappeared in late 1942.
  • Maria Herring (PoI-386-002): (Presumed deceased) Co-owner of 'Dr. Wondertainment's World of Whimsy' in Boston, Massachusetts. Suspected Class-B reality bender with ties to the Serpent's Hand. Disappeared in late 1942.
  • Cornelius Młynarczyk (PoI-386-069): (Presumed deceased) A citizen of Wonder World and the third holder of the 'Dr. Wondertainment' title. Migrated to Boston, Massachusetts from Poland in 1969. Believed to be responsible for the creation of the Little Misters.
  • Brian Harding (PoI-386-126) AKA Brainy Brian: (Status Unknown) Defector of Dr. Wondertainment Company, serial child murderer believed to have been neutralized by operatives of the Global Occult Coalition. Brian Harding's actions caused a massive shift in Wonder World and Dr. Wondertainment Company policy. Locals consider the mention of Harding taboo and regard the events as a tragedy.

キレ者 (ブレイニー) ブライアン

  • Judith D. Achilles/Papill (PoI-386-639) AKA Judy the Tongue: President of the Sweets and Consumables Department. Possesses a prehensile tongue of unknown length, estimated to measure at least 2 meters. Believed to be a high-ranking member of the Dr. Wondertainment Company Board of Directors.

Group of Interest Interactions: Wonder World has had contact with notable groups of interest. Known interactions are listed here.

  • Are We Cool Yet?: Anartists have been known to perform work for Dr. Wondertainment, and it is believed several members have settled within Wonder World after being employed by the company.
  • Chicago Spirit (DEFUNCT): The extradimensional space of Wonder World was used for storage by members of the Chicago Spirit between 1929 and 1932.
  • Deer College: The Dr. Wondertainment Company is a notable presenter at the bi-annual career fair and are known to hire from its alumni.
  • The Factory: Relations between Dr. Wondertainment and The Factory appear to have been established in the late 70's by Młynarczyk. Though terms of their agreement remain unknown, it is believed the Dr. Wondertainment Company agreed to pay a lump sum in exchange for mass production of goods. It is believed Holly Light has terminated this agreement as of their appointment as Dr. Wondertainment.
  • Gamers Against Weed: The Misters Against Weed concept is a parody of the Little Misters products. See SCP-3012 for more information. Wondertainment appears to have not heard of, or not recognize, GAW.
  • Manna Charitable Foundation: The MCF have accepted at least 16 donations from Dr. Wondertainment since 1978. Most recorded donations consist of non-anomalous Wondertainment branded items such as clothing and toys, but anomalous donations have been reported as well.
  • Marshall, Carter, & Dark: The Dr. Wondertainment Company is a known supplier for MC&D, producing various exclusive lines of products.
  • The Serpent's Hand: It is currently speculated Maria Herring's influence on the Dr. Wondertainment Company has facilitated relations with the Serpent's Hand. Captured members of the Hand have suggested the existence of Ways leading to Wonder World from the Wanderer's Library, though these claims remain unconfirmed.
  • Wilson's Wildlife Solutions: To date, there has only been one recorded interaction between WWS and the Dr. Wondertainment Company. WWS has been forbidden from engaging in further interaction. See SCP-3879 for further information.


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